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1/19/2023: Added notes on misogyny to the Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog observations.

3/13/2022: Added the Autistic Checklist.

12/18/2021: Added The Duet of Sandeep and Ruby Jo.

5/5/2020: Added The Sunless Citadel Epilogues.

12/16/2018: Added "Writing Class". New Aethra exploit added.

11/18/18: Added An Homage to Floyd Fentkin (a great D&D character). Updated the games cabinet.

2/9/15: The hilarious video for my song, "The Second Highest Mountain," is now up on YouTube.

9/6/14: My song, "The Second Highest Mountain," is now published on Bandcamp! You can listen free.

4/1/13: Essay: Fixing Nice Guys, "Nice Guys," and the Friend Zone: A view from the cross-fire.

3/20/13: New story: "Found in Time"

10/28/11: Archetype Cafe added to guitar tablature page.

7/25/10: Spoilers for Tortured Hearts added.

4/27/10: New files for Might and Magic VII and Might and Magic VIII.

7/31/09: Added guitar tablature for Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

7/17/09: New patch added to The Unofficial Aethra Pages.

7/14/09: Many new pictures throughout the adventure area.

5/28/09: Links page updates: Some links added, broken links removed.

5/25/09: Added some philosophy that was originally posted to my blog: here, here, here, and here. New philosophy here and here.

10/6/08: Updated Order of the Stick house rules.

10/1/08: New episode of The Centrist.

9/29/08: Added D&D house rules. Also rearranged two short stories in "Snippets" into one file each.

9/16/08: New short story, "Conundrum of the Prizes" added.

8/20/08: Added a link to my new video.

6/6/08: Three more installments added to The Faerluria Chronicles. Nightmare Risk added.

5/31/08: Ask a Bullshitter column started!

5/27/08: Chez Shea added.

5/16/08: Munchkin house rules added.

5/10/08: Settlers of Catan house rules added.

5/4/08: Some rewriting of the Entry page. Blimix's appearance updated.

5/3/08: The Book of Answers is now public! Also, Chez Geek house rules added. Games Cabinet added. Minor editing throughout The Book of Answers.

4/30/08: House Rules directory created to organize the growing list.

4/28/08: Betrayal of the Stick rules added.

4/4/08: Political Orientation page partly rewritten.

12/15/07: Updated files in the JOTTO page.

10/17/06: Created House Rules for Betrayal at House on the Hill.

9/19/06: Added my résumé!

8/21/06: Four new quotes in the Book of Quotations.

7/31/06: Took out the stupid brackets around the footnote links; few enough people are using text browsers.

8/22/05: Minor editing and appendix added to the statement about children.

8/11/05: Manual for Communication with Blimix updated to version 2.6. Appendix B-9 solution changed. Other minor edits.

6/18/05: Fully updated About the Author.

6/16/05: Added "Why bother, if we're all going to die eventually anyway?" to the Book of Answers.

6/15/05: Added "What is the meaning of life?" to the Book of Answers. New entry in the Mondegreens page. All background graphics have been edited for better contrast with the text.

11/8/04: Added a link in the Yindex to my Livejournal.

10/5/04: I have added my old .plan to "Snippets" and fixed one slightly broken graphic. Minor editing in the Picture Index, in the Entry page, in Have You Noticed? and in Help. Two new puzzles have been added to provide hints toward the final puzzle.

9/13/04: I finally updated the links page (trebuchet)! Aside from adding new links and removing broken ones, I restructured the categories to include mostly the sorts of stuff that people might actually want to check out. I removed all of the activism links because I cannot update them in a timely fashion, and making people read through outdated activism links and rants is boorish. Finally, I vastly improved the signal-to-noise ratio by removing my needlessly lengthy comments.

8/23/04: Philosophy Dinner archives added.

7/13/04: The Smart-ass Cashier has retired, but has left a parting gift!

5/20/04: New entry in Favorite Books. Wording of Köan puzzle revised to prevent bypassing of puzzle.

5/4/04: The entire domain has been moved to a new server. This one is much faster. URL's are no longer case-sensitive. If you switch between password-protected areas, all but the newest password will be "forgotten," so you'll have to re-enter passwords if you travel back and forth. Sorry, I don't know how to fix this. E-mail aliases were not working for a day. If your mail to me bounced, try again. Please let me know of any bugs.

2/21/04: Recipes page added.

9/7/03: Two new entries and one minor modification in Random Thoughts. One typographical error corrected.

8/10/03: Two new entries for The Joker.

3/27/03: Minor editing in Stories.

4/22/02: Updated copyright notice. Alternate (equivalent) key accepted for the Realm of Earth.

2/14/02: Footnote 2 added to What are Harriers?

1/31/02: Edited for clarification and specificity some text for the JoeZip compression utility.

10/18/01: Temporary entry page moved.

9/20/01: New links added to the Trebuchet.

8/28/01: Order slightly fixed in The Book of Beings.

6/24/01: John Murphy's rant on arts funding added. Realm of Fire background lightened for easier reading.

4/18/01: The server hosting my site was hacked. I have restored the site, but there may be glitches. Please let me know.

1/8/01: Fixed some links and minor format errors. A bit of text editing for clarification in several places. Footnote added to Risky Paradigms. One answer updated and one question (outdated since the move) removed from the YAQ. Yes, I really need to get around to adding CSS and sidestepping the unreadably tiny default fonts of the latest browsers. Any millenium now...

1/7/01: Added text and made clarifications to the Justified Violations section of the Book of Answers.

11/13/00: History page changed to this updates page.

9/16/00: Some re-wording of the Entry page.

4/28/00: Addition made to the Asshole addiction rant. Question subtitles added to the Questioning Blimix pages. Several minor typos corrected over the past few weeks.

4/1/00: The yak has been killed by the attack frog. Services at 22:00 GMT.1

3/17/00: Congratulatory blurb and request added to Book of Answers index.

1/8/00: New entry added to the History page.

10/18/99: Identity of the Guardian of Water clarified. Alternate, reasonable keys now accepted for the Realm of Earth and the Köans.

10/16/99: Major overhaul completed. Cosmetic changes. Typos corrected.

(For streamlining purposes, only the latest entry regarding each page is kept. Thus, there have been many more revisions than are apparent.)


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