Now leaving Yvelheim.

You find yourself on the roof, which holds a huge trebuchet1. An attendant yak helps you into the basket, asks you for your destination, and prepares to adjust the firing angle and power accordingly.

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Funny pictures. Castlevania: Medley (remix)
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Hero's Quest: Erana's Peace

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Star Control 2: Spathi

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2001 Things I am no longer allowed to do in an RPG

The Very Secret Diaries of the Lord of the Rings

I has a sweet potato

General Zod on "Job Hunting"
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The Nailgun Engineering FAQ

Funny things to read. Jorogumo A mind-bending optical illusion

The yak finishes aiming, and shouts "Fire!" With a twang, you are launched toward your destination.

You could, of course, just jump out of the basket and:


1. A large catapult. Only much cooler, and with a counterweight instead of torsion.

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