Navigating: Most of the pages in Yvelheim are interconnected by links that typically appear in lists just above a line near the bottom of the page. Select them as if you were reading a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book. Unlike in those books, here no decision rules out the others; you can always get back to where you were, and try something different1. These links are assumed to be your usual mode of exploration of Yvelheim. All of the navigation links lead to other parts of Yvelheim, with the exception of the destinations from the roof.

Footnotes: When you see a number in superscript, such as this2, it points to a footnote of the same number at the bottom of the page. (It also serves as a link to that footnote.) Pages with footnotes will have an extra line to separate them from the navigation links above them.

Linkbar: Nearly every page in Yvelheim contains, under the last bar, a set of links: One to the entry/introduction to Yvelheim, one to the Yindex, and one to the copyright notice. If you want to go back to the beginning, click on "Entry". If you want to jump directly to a far-off point in Yvelheim without navigating the entire distance, or you do not remember how to get there, find it in the Yindex.

Restricted areas: Each of the five elemental realms, as well as the Cathedral of Fate, the Rabbi's köans and the Book of Answers, requires a key before you can access it. The key is a two-word phrase that can be discovered through a thorough exploration of the realm and the solving of a puzzle or two. When you are asked for a username and password, type the first word of the key for the username, and the second word for the password. These words are case-sensitive, so make sure that you use proper capitalization where appropriate, and keep your Caps Lock turned off. (If you visit such an area for a second time in one session, your browser may automatically supply the username and password you entered the first time, in which case you will not be prompted for them again.)

Images: If you like the scenery, click on the pictures to see larger versions of them.

Browsers: Yvelheim is designed to work with any browser. Most of the text uses your browser's default font and size. If you don't like it, change it!

Getting started: Are you thoroughly lost? Have you clicked on everything, but still not made any headway? If you are completely stuck from the beginning, click on this spoiler for a walk-through of the first step to finding one of the elemental keys: Spoiler

Questions: There is a YAQ (Yvelheim's askable questions) containing the answers to some of the least uncommon questions about this site.

If you want to contact me with a question or comment, click on this sentence.


1. With one exception.
2. This is footnote two. It may elaborate upon the referring word or sentence, as footnote one did. Or it may contain a link to something related or explanatory. Most such links lead to other parts of Yvelheim. Some point back to a different section of the same page. Those which would take you outside of Yvelheim will indicate that fact.

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