Yvelheim's Askable Questions

This document is too small for me to bother with an index of questions. Let's just get to it...

Part I: Duh

These pages are confusing me.
That's not a question. Read the help file or just navigate the Yindex.
You are confusing me.
That's still not a question. Read the manual or contact me.

Part II: Content

Are those "Smart-ass Cashier" jokes real? Was that you who said them?
Yes, I said and did all the things in the first three lists to my poor, unsuspecting customers.
The metaphasic inverter is hooked up, and now I'm being asked for another key! The only one I haven't used yet is the one for the Rabbi's Köans, which sounds like it should be right. Why isn't it working?
That isn't the key you need. There is another puzzle, hidden somewhere, and a clue to it, hidden somewhere else. You must find both. I have added two new puzzles, the rewards for which are pointers to the clue. To visit those puzzles, follow this exclusive link.
Why are the LINK and VLINK colors the same?
There are several navigational puzzles whose solutions would be given away if viewed links showed up differently. I have made sure to keep the LINK and VLINK colors different on my links page. I have changed the "house" to also reflect the difference, since that area is not puzzle-oriented and has enough content to get confusing when you don't remember where you've been.
What's up with all those crazy filenames in meta-land?
They have no significance aside from being random. Had I assigned predictable names, such as room1.html, room2.html, and so on, anyone could cheat by entering the URL's for parts of the maze that they had not yet found. The same goes for the strange filenames in the gauntlet and elsewhere. You do not need to worry about them; there are no clues hidden in the filenames.

Part III: Technical Matters

I can't read yellow text on a white background! Is it supposed to look like that?
No. All colored text should be accompanied by a graphical background. If the background fails to load, it may be unreadable. I was having problems before with deleted, misplaced, and broken graphics, all of which (to my knowledge) were cleared up a while ago. (I could add a background color in addition to the graphic, but then nobody would complain to me about the missing graphic, and I would never know to fix it.)
I can barely read the text over the busy background. Can you do something about that?
Yes. But you have to let me know. I have taken pains to smooth out the "busy" backgrounds in order to keep the pages readable, but different browsers and different systems will give different displays, so what looks good for me may suck for you. Contact me about it, and I'll change the contrast, brightness, and/or hue, and maybe smooth it out some more.

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