The House Rules of Yvelheim

Our house rules for games are always works in progress. Feel free to comment.

The games:

Chez Shea
An entire, original supplement to Chez Geek!
Betrayal at House on the Hill
Just a brief supplement to the existing errata and FAQ.
Order of the Stick: The Dungeon of Dorukan
A major overhaul to improve the game, but many of the small changes can easily be worked into your OotS game.
Dungeons and Dragons
Our (mostly) current D&D 3.5 house rules.
Betrayal of the Stick
Run while you can! The Order of the Stick explores the House on the Hill. It sounded like a fun idea, but I can't believe I was crazy enough to develop it.
Chez Geek
Many house rules and clarifications.
Settlers of Catan
A few rules to make the game more friendly and less frustrating.
Revisions, clarifications and suggestions.

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