House Rules

Coordinated by Blimix

House adjustments and clarifications:

Optional rules which still need more testing:

Card churning
Loot a room (draw from the dungeon deck) at the start of every turn. A more interesting and productive game, for any number of players.
Free Trade
Players may trade any of their cards at any time except during combat.
Two-player game, option 1: Dummy Hand
A third, imaginary player is played by the other two. They will play that player's hand open and reasonably. If they disagree about an action to be taken by the third player, they roll to resolve the dispute. High roll wins, and the level difference between the players is added to the lower level player's roll. (Alternate version: The dummy hand plays cards to affect the players, but never battles. This is simpler, but reintroduces the two-player problem of the lack of cooperative battles.)
Two-player game, option 2: Share the Wealth
If the current player is more than one level ahead of the other, the treasure gained from any combat won alone is randomly divided (50/50, rounding in favor of the current player) with the other player. (Treasure is still drawn face-down.)

Notes from the errata and FAQ regarding things we have misplayed:

Here's the errata and FAQ.

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