House Rules
"Settlers of Catan"

Coordinated by Blimix

These house rules are meant to make the game more resource friendly. The idea is to improve the game by removing the frequent frustration of not being able to do *anything* because you can't get the right (or sometimes any) resources. This alters the character of the game, making it more forgiving of poor initial placement, but we accept that in exchange for the improved enjoyment all around.

The following rules are ordered chronologically by when we introduced them. We learned the first two from other groups:

Early Robber Immunity
The robber does not come into play until each player has completed two turns. Reroll any sevens that occur before then.
The Two-Twelve Rule
Treat two and twelve as the same number. A roll of either one causes both hexes to produce. (Those hexes should now be considered to have two dots each.)
Jay's Extra Resource Rule
At the start of your turn, you get one free random resource. Roll a die, separately from the standard two dice, to determine which: 1 - lumber; 2 - brick; 3 - grain; 4 - wool; 5 - ore; 6 - wild (your choice). (This free resource is acquired immediately after the normal dice roll, and so should not be counted among your cards if you roll a seven on the normal dice.)
Neil's Friendly Robber Rule
If you move the robber, you may choose not to steal a resource card. This is rewarded with a free random resource (rolled as above). If you move the robber to a hex with no settlements or cities, you instead receive a free resource of your choice. (Note that you still may not move the robber to the desert.)
Seafarers expansion: This rule applies to moving the pirate as well. However, to earn a resource of your choice, you must place the pirate at least two hexes away from any shipping lanes (so that the pirate cannot limit the building or moving of any one boat).
(Neil's Rule is meant to make the game friendlier between players, by giving them incentive to not dick each other, but it also contributes resources on the otherwise barren roll of seven.)

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