Chez Shea

(Content note: Suggestive, sex themed game cards.)

The material presented here is an original creation, intended for use with Chez Geek from Steve Jackson Games. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games.

Chez Shea was designed by Joseph Levy and Karen Traite as a wedding present for Brian and Jessica Shea.

All of the pictures are original artwork by Joseph Levy, except for the following: The art for Cuddles and Not Tonight, Dear is by Jason Mutford. The photograph for Julian is by Jessica Shea. The card ideas and text (except for a few attributed quotes) are also original. None of the original artwork or text here may be used for commercial purposes. (That said, I would gladly pitch the less raunchy ones to Steve Jackson Games, but their submission guidelines explicitly state that they are not interested in Chez Geek supplements.)

The Chez Shea Cards
Beady Essem Brown Bag Nookie Choke the Chicken Condoms Cuddles Desk Job
Electric Banana Exhibitionist Fluffer Hidden Salami Hire a Stripper Home Movie Collection
Julian Kama Sutra Launch Failure Lube Mawwiage Mime
The Nauseators Not Tonight, Dear One Peter Dash Oreo Cookie Pole Dancer Polyamory (1)
Polyamory (2) Promotion Purity Test Roommate's Bed Rotate Tires Serpent Flare
Skinny Dipping Snuggle Bunnies Swinging Tail Chasing Trophy Spouse Unplanned Parenthood
Visit the Clinic (1) Visit the Clinic (2) Voyeur Webcam Wet Dream  


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