Betrayal of the Stick

A mashup game coordinated by Blimix

This is a set of rules in development to have the Order of the Stick explore the House on the Hill. All players should be quite familiar with both "Order of the Stick: The Dungeon of Dorukan" and "Betrayal at House on the Hill". This will get confusing as it is, and will become a hopeless morass of insanity if confusion over the original game rules is added.

There are two ways to play: The Haunt and the Dungeon. Choose one. Either way, the OotS characters will begin exploring in the Entrance Hall of the House on the Hill, as if they were playing Betrayal.

* battle size is increased in some rooms. See below.

Choose your Order of the Stick character to explore the House on the Hill.

Betrayal Stats:

The house:


Item cards and tradeable Omen cards can be considered to be Loot worth one Drool Factor for anyone. Players should not be allowed to trade a haunt-specific item for a +2 in combat, though: That could easily be abused to teleport important items around the house. Also, a player should not be able to trade any card on the same turn in which they do anything else with that card. (This is an extension of an existing Betrayal FAQ clarification.)

Specific card modification ideas:
(An asterisk means that this text completely supercedes the printed card text.)




(There's certainly more to be done with the cards. So far, Durkon and Belkar are making out better than the others, in character-specific items.)


Small things:

Open questions:

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