Blimix's (Molasses Joe's) Favorite Recipes

A very random collection of the best food. These recipes have even been enjoyed by many people who normally hate the foods in question, and have frequently been called "the best I've ever had".

These recipes are local Yvelheim cuisine:

Coconut soup
Grandma Olive's awesome cottage cheese cake
Grandma Olive's glazed rum cake
Grandma Olive's holiday cookies
Grandma Olive's savory lasagna
Grandma Olive's supreme Irish sodabread
Jen's molasses cookies
Maple creme brulee
Masala tea
Matzo ball soup
Molasses Joe's chili
Molasses Joe's eggplant parmesan
Molasses Joe's guacamole
Molasses Joe's hibiscus tea
Molasses Joe's magic mocha mix
Molasses Joe's quick and easy sushi rice
Molasses Joe's spicy picnic salad
Molasses Joe's taco ingredients
Molasses Joe's Vegetable Beef Stew
Mushroom and barley soup
Salmon in sweet syrup
Sesame noodles with chicken

These are some favorites (mostly from

Asparagus with gremolata butter
Bearnaise sauce
Egg drop soup
Five-spice chicken
French onion soup
Javanese roasted salmon
Sesame lamb meatballs with minted yogurt dip
Spinach, artichoke and cheese dip
Tilapia with chili lime butter
Roasted squash, red pepper and cheese quesadillas

These are contributed by people who attend our pot-luck dinners:

Pakora (Thanks to Shirah.)
Khir (Thanks to Shirah.)
Date and tamarind chutney (Thanks to Shirah.)
Red lentil curry (Thanks to Ed.)
Dirty rice and beans (Thanks to Karen.)
Sweet and sour cucumbers and wakame (Thanks to Marnen.)
Spicy Chinese cabbage (Thanks to Marnen.)
Parsnip and sweet potato soup (Thanks to Karen.)
Carrot soup (Thanks to Karen.)
Chicken stew (Thanks to Karen.)
Lentil soup (Thanks to Karen.)
Broccoflower and yams (Thanks to Karen.)
Jerk chicken (Thanks to Karen.)
Lemony herb dip (Thanks to Karen.)
Mushroom Orzotto (Thanks to Karen.)
Coconut soda bread makes the Irish soda bread corn-free and dairy-free.

I claim no copyright on the recipes herein, except for the "Molasses Joe's" recipes.

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