The House

Well, what a quaint place! It certainly is open, as the area in which you stand looks into the kitchen, the hallway, and the living room, as well as leading back outside. Blimix putters about in the kitchen, occasionally calling out trite things like "Make yourself at home," and "Help yourself to any reading material you'd like." The kitchen table looks inviting, and features a display of common but interesting rocks on the side nearest the wall. Along one wall of the hallway is a bookshelf, with some space set aside for Blimix's personal books. The other wall just has doors with nothing interesting behind them, and a cabinet for games. The living room includes a wood-burning stove, a couch, two chairs, and a wall made of two huge panes of glass, offering a spectacular view of the mountainous surroundings. A small arrow on a stand in the living room reads, "Thwpp: 6.46 miles". Near you, a ladder leads up to a hatch in the ceiling.

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