The Bookshelf

These shelves house some of Blimix's reading material. A special section is set aside for perusing his favorite books. There are also large, if outdated, collections of magazines, including "Mad," "Dragon," and "Games".

The corner set aside for Blimix's own books is quite small in comparison. One, titled "Snippets," appears to be a collection of poetry and short fiction. Next to it is a thin, white, technical-looking manual. There is a gap, then a notebook labeled "First Derivative: A journal of change." Another gap lies between that and a thick fantasy collection called "The Faerluria Chronicles". Past that is a small folder of columns and essays, clipped out from an electronic publication.

In answer to your questioning grunt, Blimix pokes his head around the corner and says, "Oh, I lent the Book of Answers to the guardian of Air, and the Book of Blimix is being kept in the Cathedral of Fate. As for the Book of Quotations, I don't know. I was reading it, and absentmindedly laid it aside while I went to get more wood for the stove. When I went to pick it up again, I couldn't remember where I had put it down." He shrugs.

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