Looking at Blimix

For lack of anything better to do, you take a gander. It squawks loudly, so you put it down and decide to look at Blimix instead.

He is dressed without much care, but the shirt of Escher prints catches your eye. His short, medium brown hair sticks up a bit. Behind his inconspicuous glasses lie penetrating brown eyes. Below those, a slightly long nose. A Van Dyke surrounds a friendly smile that tends to show only the top teeth.

He has pianist's fingers, long, thin, and smooth. The nails on his right hand are long, strong and gracefully curved; those on the left are fully trimmed: A great combination for guitar playing. He is disturbingly thin, but healthy. He moves with agility, sometimes grace and sometimes unintended comedy. He can occasionally be seen wearing a straw Stetson or a newsboy cap.

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