This is collection of some of my short and very short writing.

Found in Time
Escaping Earth isn't quite as easy as it sounds.
Conundrum of the Prizes
There's an unintentionally silly bit in the Iliad, at the end of the wrestling match between Odysseus and Great Ajax, during the funeral games for Patroclus. It struck me as so odd that I decided to write a short, funny story around it.

The following were all written during the previous century, and are left here for historical purposes. Tread with caution.

A short story, first published in my high school literary magazine in early '93, then in the South Florida Gamer's News Magazine. Science fiction.
The product of a free-write session, included at my sister's request.
"The Ghost of a John Doe"
I had a neat idea, and decided to write a story around it, with a bit of stylistic experimentation.
"A Plea to a Harrier"
I wrote this to someone who found it easier to not think about me than to deal with issues between us. It worked for a couple of days.
Having been asked to write a poem, I almost passed on it, but was instead inspired to write this.
My .plan (what you would see when you issued the Finger command), from back when I had an account on a server that supported Finger requests.

These ones really suck:

"An Amphibious Poem"
I set out to write a bad poem. It is based on a study of the probability of frogs attracting predators when they gather for their mating calls, with a random comment in the room at the time thrown in.
"The Fate of the Gem of Life".
A metaphorical poem from personal experience.
"Reflections of a Rock"
I had a train of thought, wrote it down, and couldn't complete it. It is about two friends.
A love poem
Of the depressed variety, of course.
A metaphorical follow-up from a few years later.
"Call Me Sisyphus"
A metaphorical story about love.
"The Battle"
Being a depiction of my struggle with a fatal flaw.
I was inspired to write this while watching "The Ten Commandments".

For longer (but dry) writing, see The Faerluria Chronicles.

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