A Plea to a Harrier

You've hurt yourself a hundred times
In trying to be free
From obligations, debts,
And responsibility.
Each time you close your eyes and hide
From what you know is right,
The right is wronged; the peace you longed for
Never sees the light.

And any of my friends could tell me
It's time to move on.
There's nothing left but old regrets
And a heart that can't be won.
There's no sense in my lingering
On what's behind your mask
But they don't know my reasons,
Which is why I never ask.

Oh, maybe every woman lies
When she says, "We're still friends."
And though I won't accept it,
I cannot deny the trends.
I waited long for absent words,
Then finally despaired.
I carry, all alone, the burden
Of the love we shared.

These months, you have been teasing me
With promises, all broken:
Desires to communicate,
Though no more words are spoken.
And yet I hesitate to thusly
Label you untrue...
I fear you are sincere, each time,
But cannot follow through.

I've told you once and twice,
But those times need not be the last:
The door is always open,
And the past is not just past.
I will not try to fool myself,
Believing you'll return.
But neither will I give up,
Certain that you'll never learn.

The shadows that you fear should not
Prevent you speaking plain.
There's nothing real that's left to lose
And plenty to be gained.
Regardless, love, you know your life
Is seven times more blessed
When, opening your eyes, you do
What you know to be best.

- Joe Levy, Nov 2000

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