Welcome to Thwpp: Land of disclaimers, Archie Bunker, and say-what-you-want. Thwpp rights all offenses, but may not keep you from getting beaten up.

Disclaimer: It is unlawful to take offense at anything contained within these pages. Or at least it should be. Since it is not, I ask, in the spirit of Thwpp, that no offense be taken at these otherwise potentially insulting pages. If you do not think that you can help getting offended, please do not read this material! Or at least don't bug me about it if you do.

What the hell are you talking about?

With that cleared up, let us proceed to the contents:

Who Will Be Offended?
or "A List of People Who Would Enjoy Blowing Up Yvelheim"

Joe's Rant
or "Why Women Prefer Assholes"

The Smart-Ass Cashier
or "Why has Blimix not been fired?"

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