I need to be needed.
I need to be loved.
Requited love - true love - is the source of infinite happiness.
Would that my experiences could include that.
I offer you something I have never had for myself.

You say you like me.
You have never wonted of love.
You need not this gift.

To you, I am
Not loved (I need you to love me),
Not needed (I need you to need me).

How could such similar people have such different needs?
How could people with such different needs be so similar?

You hold my heart in your hand;
(I gave it to you willingly, trustingly)
And you have not dropped it,
Or buried it,
Or stuck pins in it,
Or bounced it around a handball court while senators in their
pajamas threw donuts at it (but hit the orangutan instead);
Yet you have not taken it beside your own,
You do not comfort it;
You hold it at arm's length,
Without realizing that,
Exposed and unsheltered,
It grows cold and starts
To hurt.

I feel lousy about being discontented
With all that you have given me, but
It's not enough.
Where is the future?
You have all you need,
While I still quest.
This cannot last,
But I cannot bear the thought
Of parting from you;
And this is not a goodbye.

I love you.
I wish that could mean more to you than it does.

- Joe Levy, 8/93

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