Versenwald's Custom Resources For
Might and Magic VII

1. Tougher Monsters.

I use tougher monsters to keep the game fun after it has gotten too easy. Insert this monsters.txt file into your events.lod file, using (for example) St0rmCat's MM7View. Remember to export and backup your original monsters.txt first. (If you screw up, here is the original.) (This likely won't work on non-English versions of the game.)

The changes are simple: Monsters' hit points are doubled, and they are worth double the experience points. Also, they give slightly better treasure (in most cases, one level better, and probability increased by 5%). Lastly, I've renamed the three creatures called "tree" to "tree," "treer" and "treest" to reduce confusion.

2. Skill Availability Editor.

This is a little program I wrote called Ski_Edit. It will load the MM7 skill progression table from the mm7.exe file or from a standalone file, allow you to view or edit the table if you wish, and can save the results back to the mm7.exe file or a standalone file.

The practical upshot of this is that you can change which skills are available to which classes, and at which promotions. It does not change the skills initially offered by the "New Game" screen.

You may download the necessary files in .zip format or individually below. Before you start to use the program, read the help file and BACK UP your mm7.exe file (and MM7-Rel.exe if you have one). The zipped archive contains the following:

Ski_Edit.exe (Version 1.2)
The skill editing program.
The help file. Read it.
The original skill table. It has two uses: Ski_Edit.exe needs this table in order to find the identical table within mm7.exe the first time it runs. And you can use it to restore the skill table to its original form, if you get tired of messing with it.
A sample modified skill table. This was developed by BTB, with the help of some others among the MM7 fan community. (BTB might have a newer version on his site.)

WARNING: If you install Greyface's patch, you must immediately delete your ski_edit.ini file (if you have one) before you use this editor again. (If you have the Greyface patch, and haven't used this editor yet, you can ignore this paragraph.) Failure to do so will corrupt your mm7.exe file. (If you've already corrupted it, reapply the patch. And delete ski_edit.ini.) The next time you run Ski_Edit, you will get a new, safe ski_edit.ini file. Do not delete this new one.

This program is freeware, so use it at your own risk. I have only my own machine and my own copy of MM7 to test it on, and cannot be held responsible for its behavior on a different computer, nor in the hands of a user who cannot follow instructions.


3. Grrr! Argh!

Insert these sounds into your Audio.snd file. (Again, MM7View can do that.) It will make the zombies sound like Gordon Abrams, the Mutant Enemy mascot monster voiced by Joss Whedon.

4. Links.

Enjoy your game!


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