Questioning Blimix

"What is a reality-web?"

Imagine that your grasp on reality (especially including that understanding which leads to Right Action) is a patch of spiderweb on a sphere. For a long time, the web expands, making you and your perceived universe more and more complex. Concepts combine with other concepts to help you figure out more, and that combined with the experience of wholly new concepts allows you to add more fibers and nodes to the web. But after a long period of this growth, your web extends past the equator of the sphere, and concepts come together more often, reinforcing each other and giving you confidence and assuredness. Perfection is when the web closes at the other end. Now, everything seems simple, because you know what is right in every situation. But it was an incredibly complex process that brought this simplicity to you. New stimuli are treated in complex ways that seem simple because they are instantaneous and sure.

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