The Plaque

In memory of the parts of Yvelheim that are no longer with us.

The Forum
A bulletin board system for original creative literature, such as poems, short stories, and ongoing storylines with multiple contributors. Coded by Blimix in 1995, in a mixture of Pascal, C, and batch files. Way cool, and user-configurable. It would have to be re-coded to follow Yvelheim to the new server, so it is mostly dead.
The Cool Cool Site Of The Week Of The Week Site
Or: The "Cool 'Cool Site Of The Week' Of The Week" site. There were so many "Cool Site Of The Week" sites out there that it seemed appropriate to choose one of these each week at the meta-cool site. But who could be bothered to go to that trouble each week? The page stagnated, and all apologies are offered for not having done justice to such a wonderfully Hofstadteresque concept.
The Art Gallery
A collection of interesting images from around the 'Net. It contained no original work, and so was snipped for space in the move.
The Presidential Scholars Questionnaire
This was designed to facilitate the introduction of incoming Scholars. Blimix no longer maintains the Questionnaire, as he has long since left school behind, and the height of Thales Hall's glory has come and gone long ago, in spite of the Thales Hall Manifesto.

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