Questioning Blimix

"What is the Book of Blimix?"

The Book of Blimix is an attempt to concisely convey who I am. It is not quite a project, for my standards are set so high for such an undertaking that I would never be able to achieve it merely through hard work. But when concepts that have been floating around my mind suddenly coalesce into words that truly represent them, and this happens while I am conscious, near a writing medium, and not distracted, they can find perfect, lasting expression. And if those thoughts are representative of some part of the core of my being, and can stand alone without the burden of lengthy explanation, I will polish them, and they may then become part of the Book of Blimix.

So far, this has happened exactly once. The result was the chapter called "Lifemate".

I would like to eventually include something like the Book of Answers, if I could add to its Quality, yet rewrite it more concisely. The occasions of true inspiration still occur, but almost never when recording is convenient. Until that changes or a lot of time passes, I'm afraid that the writings available in Yvelheim will be the closest thing to a Book of Blimix that you shall see.

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