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What qualities does Blimix look for in a mate?

I have found my mate. The following, which I wrote long before I had ever met her, has turned out to be correct in every particular. This pleases me.

The woman I am looking for is sincere, intelligent, and reasonable. She is philosophically compatible with me. (That does not mean identical.) She will display strength, tenderness, patience, an intense self-understanding, the ability to put up with my humor, and a great capacity for love. She is a close, intimate person. She would not feel smothered by my showering her with affection, will never tire of my expressions of love, but rather will appreciate and return them. She loves cuddling. She will cherish me, but have the confidence and independence to not let her personality be overshadowed by mine. She is skilled at persuasion. She does not feel a need to talk all the time, for she appreciates a long, comfortable silence. She will sometimes beat me at my own games.

I will be sharing my life with my mate; she will share at least some of my interests, and have some that are new to me. She will be completely open and honest with me. She does not depend upon the approval of society. She does not let television interfere with better things. She will cuddle with me when I am at the computer. She listens well, and communicates well. She is tremendously considerate of people's feelings, and of the consequences of her actions. She will know me well enough to understand that "I would do anything for you" is not just words.

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