Nightmare Risk

The material presented here is an original creation, intended for use with Risk by Parker Brothers. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Parker Brothers or Hasbro.

Nightmare Risk was designed by Joseph Levy. The card ideas and text (except for some quotes) are all original. None of the original text here may be used for commercial purposes. (By the way, I designed this years before I or anyone I knew had played Risk 2210 (which also used cards). This is in no way a derivative work, nor an infringement of any copyright.)

Warning: Some of these cards are very rude and politically incorrect. If this bothers you, go away.



Nightmare Cards


Cards Legend
1One-shot; immediate effect
BLasts for one battle
PLasts for one player's turn
RLasts for one round (expires after each player has finished a turn)
TAffects one territory/country, border, or battle line
WAffects the world
[A]See the Additional Rules sheet for details on this card.
[M]Use an effect marker to represent this card when it is in play.

Card list:

Retreat (1T)
Play this at any point during a battle, except between the roll of any dice and the removal of the casualties from the board. Any or all of the defending armies may retreat to an adjacent friendly territory.

"Run away! Run away!"

World Peace (CW)
War is discouraged. The completion of each turn earns a Nightmare card only if the player has made no voluntary attacks, and a Risk card only if the player has captured exactly one territory in battle. Players may allow others to enter their territory. [A]

"Visualize whirled peas?"

Judgment Day (RW)
All casualties during this round are brought back to life as additional reinforcements at the start of their player's next turn, even if that turn is beyond this round. Judgment Day can neither be canceled nor discarded. [A]

"For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in the Messiah will rise first."

Crusade (CW)
Attackers can use up to four dice. Defenders can use up to three dice.

"And I will strike down on thee with great vengeance and furious anger, those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers, and you will know my name is The Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee."

Wastelands (CW)
Players may completely abandon territories if they wish. Unoccupied territories are unowned and cannot be counted toward a held continent, but may be reclaimed by battle against the local peasants, who count as a single army that can only roll a "1" for defense. Wastelands does not change the allowed number of attack dice.

"... not unlike certain parts of New Jersey."

Monorails (CW)
New fortification rule: Unlimited contiguous. All armies may travel as far as the player wishes, through their contiguous territories.

"I propose to strap buttered toast to the back of a cat; the two will hover, spinning inches above the ground. With a giant array of buttered cats, a high-speed monorail could easily link New York with Chicago."

American Treaty Signature (1*)
Discard any CW card (or any CT or C* that affects only North America) in play.

"We promised what? Yeah, whatever."

Demoralizing Propaganda (BT)
The defender loses one die for the duration of this battle.

"All your base are belong to us. You have no chance to survive make your time."

Airdrop (BT)
Armies from one territory may leapfrog over an adjacent territory (or a Blockade) to attack the next one over. (Shipwreck may not be played upon these armies.)

"For Sale: Parachute. Only used once, never opened, small stain."

Minefields (CT)
Place a territory card from your hand face down under this card when you play it. Once any army moves onto that territory, reveal the card. All armies there (to a maximum of ten) are destroyed, and both cards are discarded.

"You and your friends have discovered two problems with a common solution: Mad Cows in England and Unexploded Bombs in France."

Smite (PW)
For the rest of the current player's turn, any roll that results in the loss of two (or more) armies at once causes the loss of an additional two armies from the same place. This card may be played at any time, but cannot affect a loss incurred prior to the start of this effect.

"The hits keep coming!"

Pact with Malevolent Being (**)
Randomly select a card from another player's hand and lay it face up so everyone can see it. That player must play that card at the earliest opportunity.

"Twelve percent of those polled said they think the success of actor David Hasselhoff, star of Baywatch, is due at least in part to 'dealings with the devil'."

Nuclear Headgear (1T)
One of your attacking armies blows itself up, along with 2d6 of the defenders.

"I said BUD Lite!"

Fireball (1T)
Kill up to three armies in one territory adjacent to yours.

"Umm... Can I UN-cast that Fireball? I think it made him mad."

Teleporters (1T)
Move two of your armies from any single territory to any other single territory. If they land in an enemy territory, they attack until triumphant or dead.

"Where," said Ford quietly, "does it say teleport?"
"Well, just over here in fact," said Arthur, pointing at a dark control box in the rear of the cabin, "Just under the word 'emergency,' above the word 'system' and beside the sign saying 'out of order'."

Defection (BT)
One die switches sides for this battle. A player with no dice available to roll loses an army immediately. [A]

"You bought a Mac?!?"

Blockade (CT)
One border becomes impassible for all standard purposes. If one player ever owns both territories on that border, discard Blockade. [A] [M]

"None shall pass."
"What, no grading curve?"

The Cavalry (1T)
Trade in one cavalry card at any time during a battle for four additional defensive armies. This card can help anyone, including yourself.

"Get it right this time, you stupid horse. Posse! Bring posse!"

Oz (CT)
Put Oz into play as a new territory. Oz bestows a random effect upon its owner, hosts no battles, and does not connect physically to any country. [A] [M]

Quayle says, "I'm going to ask the Wizard for a brain!"
Gingrich says, "I'm going to ask the Wizard for a heart!"
Clinton says, "Where's Dorothy?"

Tornado (1T)
Kill half the armies (rounding up) on one territory. Tornado cannot be played on Oz.

"Everyone knows it's Windy."

Shipwreck (1T)
Kill half the armies (round up) crossing a dotted line. Shipwreck cannot be played during fortification. [A]

"Reminds me of my last relationship."

The Bermuda Triangle (CT)
Put the Bermuda Triangle into play in the Atlantic Ocean. It can be accessed from Eastern United States and from Venezuela. Any group of armies that moves into it has a fifty percent chance of disappearing, and a fifty percent chance of washing up on the Atlantic coastal territory of their player's choice. [M]

"Whatever became of Hubert?"

Endangered Turtles (CT)
Either Western Australia connects to Madagascar, or Eastern Australia connects to Argentina. The choice is up to the person with the most armies in Australia. You cast the tie-breaking vote, if necessary. [M]

"So does that mean you ride the turtles to Australia?"
"I think it means you can't hide like a turtle in Australia."
"How about you two shut up and we play the game?"

Self-destruct (1T)
Your defending armies instantly obliterate themselves and twice as many of their attacker's armies on the attacking territory. (This can be used outside of battle to simply destroy all of your armies on a territory.)

"What does this button do?"

Quicksand (CT)
Play this card on one territory. Armies that move into that territory from now on must wait a turn before moving out of it. [M]

"Hey, 'Babylon 5' is on! I guess we can stick around a bit longer."

Time Machine (*T)
Send up to five armies on one territory forward in time by two rounds. At least one army must be left behind. The armies will reappear at the beginning of the current player's second turn hence. A player cannot win while waiting for opposing armies to reappear. [A]

"But, if I'm still frozen in 1967, how could I have been unthawed in the 90's and traveled back to the Sixties?"

This Game Sucks (1W)
This card may not be played within four hours of the start of the game, nor within an hour and a half of resuming the game after a break of at least six hours. The game is over. Everybody wins, except for you. [A]

"Screw you guys, I'm going home!"

Bequeath (**)
Write a will, stating which player(s) will receive your cards if you are eliminated from the game. You may keep it secret, but you may not change it unless you play Bequeath again. [A]

"I leave my cards to the player with the fewest armies, unless that's Bob, in which case burn them and scatter the ashes over Siam."

Swap (1*)
Every player passes a Nightmare card of their choice from their hand to the player to their left. (Someone who has no Nightmare cards must pass a Risk card if they can.)

"Do you realize in the entire history of western civilization no one has successfully accomplished the roommate switch? In the middle ages you could get locked up for even suggesting it."

Fog (CW)
While Fog is in play, nobody wins ties in battle (i.e., no armies are killed by a tie), and the maximum number of attack dice is reduced by one. Shipwreck survival rate is halved.

"I can't see a thing."
"Wipe your glasses, already!"

Winter (C*)
Attacks against any of the ten Arctic coastal territories are at -1 on each die. Shipwreck survival rate for travel between these territories is halved.

"Who put the dick on the snowman?"

Global Warming (1W)
Due to flooding, every player loses one army from each territory except Afghanistan, Irkutsk, and Oz.

"Luckily, the North Polar ice cap won't change the sea level too much when it melts."

Conscientious Objectors (1*)
Target player does not get their regular reinforcements at the start of their next turn. Card sets may still be traded for armies.

... promptly threw the townie across the room.
"Now do you believe that force won't change people's views?"
"Heck no!"
"That's exactly my point."

Not Our Problem (C*)
One continent of your choice is immune to the negative effects of one card of your choice. This may be played immediately after said card to prevent such effects, and it may also be played as a preventative measure against a yet unplayed card. Not Our Problem is discarded at the same time as the card against which it wards. [A]

"Does it use Bistromathics?"

Seismic Encounter (CT)
Create or sink a territory. Sunken armies are killed. Your choice of:
California Island
If Seismic Encounter is discarded, the territory reverts to its natural status. [A] [M]

"Otisburg? Otis... burg?!?"

Bull Market (1*)
All players draw alternating Risk and Nightmare cards to increase the total size of their current hands by one third (round to the nearest whole amount).

"There will be a bull market followed by a bear market followed by a bull market. There always is."

Bear Market (1*)
All players discard one-third of their cards (rounding to the nearest whole amount). Alternate Risk and Nightmare cards (when possible), choosing randomly (by shuffling or die-rolling) from each.

"There will be a bear market. There always is."

Negotiate (1*)
All players in a battle have fifty-nine seconds to make a deal, plus time to read the details in the rules sheet. If a deal is not made, each player involved loses one army from anywhere they choose, and the battle resumes. [A]

"Okay, so I'll do the dishes, and you'll give me six of those chocolates."
"What does this have to do with the battle?"

European Union (C*)
Armies from Scandinavia, Great Britain, Northern Europe, Western Europe, and Southern Europe may be used in each others' defense, if their player(s) so choose(s). [A]

"Technically speaking, we don't need the French."

Soviet Union (C*)
Armies from Ukraine, Ural, Siberia, Irkutsk, Yakutsk, and Kamchatka may be used in each others' defense, if their player(s) so choose(s). [A]

"But what if they don't follow you?" asks the dying Lenin.
"No problem," says Stalin, "then they'll follow you."

U.S. Involvement Propaganda (CW)
Whoever controls both United States territories is referred to as "the defender," even when attacking. No game play change.

"You can't make an omelette without breaking some skulls."

Apartheid (CT)
South Africa splits into two territories, "N****ria" and "Crackerstan". N****ria abuts Madagascar. Crackerstan abuts Congo and East Africa. Armies already in South Africa can go to whichever of these territories the owner chooses. [M]

"Actually, we have no race classifications in the strict sense of the word. We have population grouping. We in South Africa are not at all obsessed with race."

Cocaine Trade (C*)
South America's value (in reinforcing armies) is increased by one.

"Taste me, you will see, more is all you need. You're dedicated to how I'm killing you."

Globalization (CW)
The importance of political and geographic boundaries has been diminished. Continent values are halved (rounded up). Discard Isolationism if it is in play.

"One World, One Web, One Program" - Microsoft Promotional Ad
"Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer" - Adolf Hitler

To Serve Man (CW)
Benevolent aliens offer humans the chance to visit their Utopia in another galaxy. Start-of-turn reinforcements are reduced by one.

"They tell me they've got a mean temperature of seventy-six degrees on their planet and the sun never goes down..."

Escalation (CW)
New set rule: Card set values start at four after this card is played, and increment by two for each subsequent set.

"Because a pointed stick is a cannon is a nuclear warhead,
And a killer ape is a Roman is a Brit is a Kraut is a Yank"

Nuclear Escalation (CW)
New set rule: Card set values follow the Risk rule book (4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, and so on), starting at four for the next set.

"Also, be sure to develop enough nuclear firepower -- and distribute it between enough warring factions -- to destroy the Earth dozens of times over."

Armories (CW)
New set rule:
Mixed sets are worth 4.
Infantry sets are worth 6.
Cavalry sets are worth 8.
Artillery sets are worth 10.

"The right of way belongs to the biggest guns!"

Multi-faceted attacks (CW)
New set rule:
Infantry sets are worth 4.
Cavalry sets are worth 6.
Artillery sets are worth 8.
Mixed sets are worth 10.

"I told you, man, I'm crazy. I opened up a can o' whoop-ass on you."

Stay Put (CW)
New fortification rule: Only one territory may send armies to one adjacent territory during fortification.

"Every other Friday some camels come to the camp..."

Slow Motion (CW)
New fortification rule: Every army may move once, to an adjacent territory, during fortification.

"Go faster, Ned!"
"I can't; it's a Geo!"

Blitzkrieg (CT)
Northern Europe may directly attack any territory within two spaces.

"We just need some breathing room."

Place Where The Sun Does Not Shine (1*)
Discard any card in play.

"Excuse me, I was told to put this here."

Chinese Geography (CT)
The player who controls China must capture a territory adjacent to China or own all such territories in order to get a Risk card at the end of their turn. [A]

"We're sorry that you believe your territorial waters extend all the way to Australia. For future reference, here's an American sixth-grade geography textbook."

Vikings (CT)
Scandinavia's owner is immune to Winter and Shipwreck.

"Next time, sack and loot first, then pillage and burn."

Hotel California (CT)
Nothing leaves Western United States. Nothing wants to. (If California Island exists, this card applies to it instead.) [M]

"We are all just prisoners here, of our own device."

Monsoon (R*)
The eight territories that border the Indian Ocean are immobilized. Everyone stays indoors. Nobody enters, leaves, attacks or gets attacked in any of these territories, for a round.

"The British call this 'a bit of a dreary day'."

Incompetent Bookkeeping (1*)
Cancel and discard any card as it is played.

"I'm sorry, Edmund, we have to let you go. We've replaced you with a baboon."

Isolationism (CW)
Attacks across continent borders are made at -1 on each attack die. Discard Globalization if it is in play.

"Don't worry, off-shoring won't be affected."

Inconvenient Memories (1*)
Cancel and discard any one-shot (1) or battle-length (B) card as it is played.

"President Reagan stated that he could not recall whether he remembered the November 1985 HAWK shipment..."

Public Relations Advisors (CW)
Any player who attacks another player gains two additional reinforcements on their next turn. Any player who does not, loses two reinforcements on their next turn. Playing this card ends World Peace.

"We have to have a war if you're going to be reelected."

Michael Jackson (C*)
One player switches colors. (This card cannot be played if all colors are in use.)

"But I just finished organizing them!"

Bromidrosis (RT/1*)
This card may be played either to prevent all armies from entering a single territory of your choice for a round, or to discard Winter. [M]

"Y'know, my python boot is too tight, I couldn't get it off last night. A week went by, an' now it's July. I finally got it off, an' my girlfriend cry, 'You got STINK FOOT!'"

Marco Vasco Eriksson Magellan de Leon (R*)
Up to five of your armies in one coastal territory take a round to sail to the coastal destination on the Risk card that you place face-down under this card, or to the Bermuda Triangle. [A]

"We come in peace. Shoot to kill."

Sanctions (1*)
Discard any turn, round, or continuing (P, R, or C) card in play.

"That's it then. Cancel the kitchen scraps for lepers and orphans, no more merciful beheadings, and call off Christmas!"

Ancient Tomb (1*)
One of your armies (any except the last on a territory) springs a booby-trap and dies horribly (no chance to go to Oz). Remove it from the board. The survivors find a treasure cache. Select one Nightmare card from the discard pile and put it into your hand.

"I've dreamt about this since I was a little girl."
"You dream about dead guys?"

Watchtower (C*)
Place the watchtower on a border between territories you own. Your armies may occupy it to defend both territories. [A] [M]

"Peter, peter! I can see my house from here!"

Additional Rules for Cards

Beneficiaries may be identified by conditions rather than identity. Tied or inapplicable conditions (including having a defeated player for a beneficiary) void the will, unless the will specifies an applicable, alternate solution.
This card blocks (along only one border) attacks and fortification, as well as the cards Retreat, Negotiate, and Blitzkrieg. It does not block Airdrop, Teleporters, Soviet Union, or European Union. Blockade can kill armies that are leaving a territory due to Negotiate, if they have nowhere else to go.
Chinese Geography
This card has no effect while World Peace is in play.
If this card is played against an attacker, and the attacker fails to inflict any further casualties in this battle, then the defender may, upon their next turn, employ this advantage across the same border, unless either of the territories has changed hands.
European Union
The defending player may choose to assign any forces in Union territories to the defense of the attacked territory, with the exception of one army from each territory (aside from the attacked one). (If Wastelands is in play, even these last armies may be committed to the battle.) This can be combined with Self-Destruct for a particularly devastating effect. Other players may choose, if they wish, to aid the defending player with their own forces that are in Union territories.
Judgment Day
Bermuda Triangle losses are not casualties for this purpose; they are "mysterious disappearances," and stay lost. The same goes for armies lost to a space-time rift.
Marco Vasco Eriksson Magellan de Leon
"Coastal territory" refers to any territory other than Irkutsk, Afghanistan, or Oz. Use no Risk card to sail into the Bermuda Triangle. If a Risk wild card is used, the destination may be any territory, including the aforementioned three. Your armies land at the beginning of your next turn (preceded only by time-traveling armies if applicable), and attack from their ship if necessary (risking even the last army in the die rolls). Shipwreck may be played upon these armies.
Each side may offer up to one territory, any card or cards from their hand, a promise of non-aggression, a promise to play a card, or the designation of any owned territory or territories as "friendly" (see World Peace) to only each other. (Territories made friendly in this manner do not become unfriendly at the end of World Peace.) Game-related promises are binding for one round, but may be carried further. Negotiate may be used to end the game in a draw or a victory for one player, but all players still in the game must concur. Non-game-related gifts and services may also be offered and constitute a legally binding verbal contract. [Rules on trading territories: In giving up a territory, all the armies currently on that territory move to an adjacent friendly territory or are removed from the board. To claim an offered territory, armies must move in from an adjacent territory. If this does not happen immediately, that territory is abandoned and must be reclaimed from the peasants by force. If the claiming player does not move into the territory within the minimum possible number of turns, or if a third player moves in, the previous owner is then free to try to reclaim the territory. Both vacating and claiming territories may be facilitated by declaring intermediate territories friendly, and both may involve the immediate use of distant, contiguous territories if Monorails is in play.]
Not Our Problem
Winter is not considered to be negative for this purpose.
Oz does not connect physically to any other territory. When Oz is in play, any card played that directly destroys armies has a one-in-six chance of sending them all to Oz instead. Armies that vanish into a Tornado or The Bermuda Triangle have a fifty percent chance of going to Oz instead. No battles are fought in Oz; armies coexist, and the owner is the person with the largest number of armies in Oz. (In the case of a tie, Oz does not change hands.) Possession of Oz is not required to win the game, and hence other players may still have armies in Oz at the time of the win. Players may move all armies off of Oz if they wish, when the opportunity is presented (such as when Oz's sixth effect is rolled). At the beginning of the owner's turn, and also whenever Oz's ownership changes hands, the owner rolls a die to determine Oz's effect:
  1. "I'm melting!" - Owner loses one army in Oz.
  2. +1 to owner's attack dice
  3. +1 to owner's defense dice
  4. "Poppies" - Owner's Asian territories count double for purposes of calculating start-of- turn reinforcements
  5. "Dark Side of the Moon" - Owner draws a Nightmare card, and must play it at the first opportunity. It is kept separate and secret until it is played, and does not count as part of the owner's hand.
  6. "There's no place like home" - Any armies in Oz may go to any friendly territory, at any time.
Effects 2, 3, and 6 continue until the next roll for Oz's effect. If Oz is discarded, its continuing effect (if any) ceases, and all occupying armies immediately return to friendly territories.
Seismic Encounter
California Island abuts Western US and Central America.
Atlantis abuts Western Europe and Great Britain.
Tasmania abuts Eastern Australia and Western Australia.
If played during an attack, it must be played after the attacker has committed dice, but before the dice have finished rolling. The surviving army (if any) attacks alone, represented by the die that lands closest to the defending player (if the attacker hasn't already limited the throw). (If Crusade is in play, two armies may survive, in which case they attack together.) Shipwreck may be played upon armies in transit via Marco Vasco Eriksson Magellan de Leon.
Soviet Union
See European Union text.
Time Machine
Keep the armies on top of this card. They reappear on the territory they left after initial reinforcements are placed, but before the player may make any voluntary attacks. A player may win while waiting for armies to appear in Oz. If the armies' home territory ceases to exist before they return, they disappear, with a fifty percent chance to go to Oz if it exists. (Exception: Armies returning to Crackerstan or N****ria reappear in South Africa. Armies returning to South Africa return together to either Crackerstan or N****ria; fifty percent chance of each.)
This Game Sucks
"Everyone" includes people who have already been eliminated from the game.
Your armies in either territory may enter the watchtower at any point during your turn, but may only leave (which doesn't count as movement used) during redeployment. Armies in the watchtower count toward the defense of both territories, toward attacks made within the territories, and toward occupation of both territories. They may not attack other territories unless some effect that allows armies to attack from a distance is used, in which case their home territories count as territories to be crossed. If all of the armies in the watchtower are killed or removed, discard the watchtower.
World Peace
Discard Public Relations Advisors if it is in play. Players may, if they wish, declare any or all of their territories "friendly" to all players. During end-of-turn fortification, armies may cross a maximum of one border (each) into or within the friendly territories of another player (limited also by the current fortification rule). Players may attack friendly territories, or attack foreign armies within their own friendly territories, but either offense labels the attacker a "rogue nation" for the duration of World Peace. Rogue nations lose one start-of-turn reinforcement every turn (non- cumulative). The player with the most armies on a territory is its owner. (Ties do not cause it to change hands.) The "friendly" status of a territory remains if it changes hands peacefully, but ends when it is captured by attacking, when World Peace is discarded, or when it is forcibly abandoned. The continent bonus to reinforcement requires the ownership, not just the occupation, of the required continental territories. If at any point a player owns every occupied territory on the board, that player wins the game. ("Wastelands" and "Monorails" make this more feasible.) If World Peace ends, every territory occupied by more than one player is fought for until one player remains on it. Resolve these battles in whatever order you wish, according to the rules stated above for "Battles within one territory".


Nightmare Risk is written by Joe Levy. It was inspired by "Risk" by Parker Brothers, and by "Knightmare Chess" by Steve Jackson Games (a translation of "Tempete sur l'Echequier" by Pierre Clequin and Bruno Faidutti). The card ideas are mostly by Joe, with suggestions from Brian, Neil, Jay, and Mayfair Games' "Cosmic Encounter".

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