Blimix's MIDI Archive

Welcome to my sound studio. I have here a collection of original MIDI files of great, popular songs that I sequenced, painstakingly step-entering each note. These are all made for General MIDI, and specifically written for Roland Sound Canvas modules. I cannot guarantee great sound on other platforms. (The three piano-only files (griegcrt.mid, solfgtto.mid, splbound.mid) will probably sound fine on most systems.) Also, I have noticed that modern computers and computers using an efficient player (such as PLAYB.EXE) leave out certain note endings in some of the songs. (This is due to a weakness in the Ballade conversion program that was not an issue back when the version I use was published.) All of these files were sequenced in Ballade GM, and played through a Roland SC-7.

Although, as far as I know, MIDI files do not constitute copyright violation (being neither sound recordings nor written), if anyone representing a label that owns any of these songs objects, I will gladly remove it.

[Last modified August 1999: "Minute Waltz" added.]

If anyone out there has authentic music and/or tablature for the bass or banjo part to "Take it Easy" (as opposed to the tripe I've seen in the most common tabs), could you let me know where to find it, for inclusion in the MIDI file?

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