The Summit

It took some work, but here you are at the top of the mountain. What a spectacular view! You wish you had a camera, so you could take pictures and post them online.

The wind whips past your face, and you watch the shadows of the few clouds crawl across the mountain range around you. Three hawks are circling in the valley below, and a condor glides far above. The greenery forms a torn blanket over the countryside, spotted with cliff faces, lakes, and an occasional road. Rows of remote peaks layer behind each other, growing blue and hazy with distance. Past a hundred miles, they become indistinct.

While you are admiring the scenery, a brief flapping of wings behind you alerts you to the fact that the condor is landing. You turn around to face it. It eyes you with a guarded curiosity, and does not seem to be in the mood for conversation.

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