From the Journal of Tang Zhen

Session 2

June 17, 5086, Tre Glyn ruins

Yesterday's entry on the opposite page has just been obliterated by an infusion of northern herbs, spat out by me at a particularly raucous comment made by Dunbarton. My tunic, applied quickly, has at least prevented the moisture from seeping through to the other side of the page. Would that I had opened my journal a few moments later.

In summary of what was just lost, Tawanaq has performed another reading, which made little sense and which turned out to be missing a card. An orcish hunting party south of Dinas Felin was pushed into the city by the fire. The commotion this caused at the south end of the city eventually reached us at the north end. We found them barricaded inside an acupuncturist's shop, forced our way in from two directions, then killed or subdued each one. I took an embarrassing spill as I used all of my strength to force open a door from which, unbeknownst to me, the orcs had just removed their makeshift barrier in a hasty attempt to escape the other half of our force. Delyra's spell knocked out several orcs, as well as N-Guuk, who then killed an orc by falling asleep atop it, axe-first. We released an orc, splitting up to follow both it and another pair we had just heard about. N-Guuk killed the one that ran south and west, once it had reached a shoddily-kept cave. He then torched the cave's contents. The other orcs led Pheldran, Jasper, Tam and Delyra north and west to another cave, out of which a shambling, insensate creature of human and metal parts endlessly worked to carry rocks. Said creature did not impede my companions from examining the spartan interior. Jasper filched a stack of papers, which turned out to contain Tawanaq's missing tarot card, the Chariot. The orc pair was not found.

[Out-of-game note: Joe was not present for this session; hence the summary.]

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