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Watch out for counterfeit masks: Buy from the manufacturer or from trusted resellers (not Amazon). Here are some particularly useful recommendations:

3M V-Flex N95 masks. Good for breathing and speaking easily.

GVS P100 mask for extra safety. Roomy for breathing. Great seal. "Bane" aesthetic. Also good on smoky days.

Flo Mask Pro. Designed for a comfortable fit and a wide, easy-breathing filtration surface.

ReadiMask. Strapless and metal-free. Great seal. Can be used in an MRI, or inside a costume.

Mask quality means nothing if you breathe around it. The quality of the seal to your face is paramount! Quantitative Fit Tests measure mask leakage, which mostly involves how well it seals. When you read these histograms, a large volume of results to the right (in the green and silver range) is good. A significant volume of poor results (red and orange) is a warning of poor seals. That said, if you can tell how well a mask seals to your face in particular, that is more valuable than average results. Masks that do particularly well include 3M Aura 1863+, 3M Aura 9321CN+, Dräger 1920 small, Trident RTCFFP2 S, Trident RTCFFP2 XXL, and Zekler 1502 small. Avoid the 3M AFFM (commonly sold at pharmacies), which is not a NIOSH approved respirator.

N95 masks were designed to fit an average, male, American face. KN95 masks, often considered not quite as good as N95, are designed for Korean male and female faces. If a KN95 seals well and fits you better than an N95, then it is the superior mask!


The Covid Conscious Toolkit. Click the tabs on bottom for tons of great information: Research, prevention, communities, etc.

A Covid FAQ with 300 Sources.

Temperature Check, a cartoony webcomic summary of the state of Covid.

My own work

Why people don't wear masks.

An in depth exploration of how mental shortcuts have led good people astray regarding masking.

How I built my wood framed Corsi-Rosenthal box. For most purposes, a regular Corsi-Rosenthal box is fine (and way easier), but I wanted to make a smaller, quiet one. If you're feeling less crafty, Nukit can send you a complete kit for their PC fan CR box (if you're patient with their wait list).

A roundup of treatments and preventions for Covid and long Covid.

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