The Book of Answers

Judgment Calls

Do you have your pen ready? Please make a list from one to six, and record "yes" or "no" for each answer.

  1. Your friend is about to go out to a movie with the aforementioned rapist, then to a big party later. You have the opportunity to covertly loosen a bolt in her car's electrical system, which would disable it, in which case the date would be canceled, she would stay home, and the two of you would enjoy watching her favorite show instead. You could "fix" the car later that night. Do you do this?
  2. A nine-year-old boy under your supervision is intently studying some book. You read over his shoulder, only to find that it is loaded with depictions of violence and sexual acts! Do you confiscate the book until his parents arrive?
  3. While strolling through the park, you happen to meet your senator. You strike up a conversation, and find that there is a crime reduction bill under consideration. It would expand the FBI's wiretapping capabilities, so that they could catch more terrorists, drug smugglers, and child pornographers. Do you encourage your senator to vote for the bill?
  4. Your son and some of his friends have been gathering regularly at one of their houses, to play a game of which you have never heard. One day, you receive a call from the mother of one of his friends, informing you that the game they are playing is satanic, and has caused children to commit suicide. She gives you references to several newspaper articles and an episode of "Sixty Minutes" backing her up and exposing the dangerous nature of this game. For his own benefit, and that of his friends, do you stop your son from playing?
  5. You run into your senator again. The bill coming up for a vote soon is the very popular Partial-Birth Abortion Ban. To protect the lives of the nearly-born, do you show support for this bill?
  6. Your neighbor knocks on your door and asks you to sign a petition addressed to the principal of the school that your children attend. It speaks against an after-school club for homosexual and bisexual students, who have been recruiting members and turning students gay. It asks for this club to be disbanded. Do you sign?

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