Spoilers for Tortured Hearts

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"Tortured Hearts" is a module written by Zoltán Gonda for Neverwinter Nights. It plays like an old-fashioned Sierra game, which is why I like it. But that kind of game can be frustratingly difficult, hence this document. (The author of this document, Joe Levy, has no affiliation with Zoltán Gonda.)

Do not use this as a walkthrough. It won't work. You need to go everywhere, investigate everyone and everything, and follow as many conversational branches as possible. Once you've done that and gotten stuck, consult the Hints before these lists.

Also, please don't just read through this document. Not only is it full of spoilers, it will be boring. I recommend waiting until (for example) you're asking yourself, "How the hell do I start the midwife quest?" Or, "The hints say I need adamantine. Where the hell is some adamantine?" Then, if the hints were insufficient, open up this document and hit <CTRL>-F to search it for "midwife" or "adamantine" or whatever.

If you're a completist, you may wish to play the game at least twice: Once using minimal hints, to get the enjoyment of exploring it for yourself. (It is a grand game!) Don't worry about trying to complete every quest the first time through; it just won't happen. Then play through a second time, leaning on the hints and spoilers to help you see all the stuff you missed the first time.

It's a good idea to draw a map of the world as you go.

Quest Hints

Things that were not quite intuitive enough:


You receive special rewards are after delivering 5, 10 and 20 bottles of Glythean Wine. Where to find the bottles:

(This makes twenty-three. With one of the extras, get a bottle of blood for the Cape Crest magic shop owner.)

Quest Items

Where to find quest items:

Debug Mode

There are times when you may want to use Debug Mode. Press "`" (the forward quote under the "~") to enter a console command. First type "DebugMode 1" to enter Debug Mode. After you have accomplished the cheat below, type "DebugMode 0" to get back out.