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"My Freeze Ray"

(Tab, chords and lyrics)

Music by Joss Whedon and Jed Whedon
Lyrics transcription from IMaekGaemz.com (with slight corrections by Joe Levy)
Music transcribed by Joe Levy (with thanks to Moses Lei for the Eb/D correction)

Standard tuning. Key of C.
The light parts of the verse should be plucked rather than strummed. Feel free to vary the voicing, even substituting G/B for the Em/B if you like, as long as the top and bottom notes remain unchanged.

  C           Em/B        Am7         G

(Alternate easier chords: C x3x013, G/B x2x033, Am7 x0x013, G 3xx03x)

Bridge ("I'm the guy to make it real...")
  G               A7              D/F#            C               D      Eb/D

Less authentic but much easier version of the bridge chords:
  G               A7              D/F#            C               D     Eb/D

C            Em/B
Laundry day:  See you there
Am7         G
Underthings, tumbling
C         Em/B
Wanna say, "Love your Hair"
Am7       G
Here I go, mumbling

With my freeze ray, I will
C        Em/B
Stop the world
With my freeze ray, I will
G#               D
Find the time to find the words to

C            Em/B
Tell you how, how you make
Am7             G
Make me feel...  What's the phrase?
C             Em/B
"Like a fool," kinda sick
Am7           G
Special needs, anyways

With my freeze ray I will
C        Em/B
Stop the pain
It's not a deathray or an
G#                   D
Ice beam, that's all Johnny Snow
  G#                  D
I just think you need time to know that

I'm the guy to make it real
The feelings you don't dare to feel
I'll bend the world to our will
    C                     D      Eb/D
And we'll make time stand still

[Instrumental same as verse:  C  Em/B  Am7  G  ]

C                 Em/B
That's the plan:  Rule the world
Am7        G
You and me, any day!
C              Em/B
Love your hair  (what?)  No, I, I
Am7              G
I love the...  Air!  Heh.  Anyway
F                         C
With my freeze ray I will stop 

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